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First time driver insurance is much more expensive than standard rate driver insurance. The higher rates are based on statistics and the inexperience of a new driver. Even though the rates are higher, there are many money saving secrets a new driver can use to save on their monthly premium. Here are three that should help.

What can you do about limited experience?

Is time the only way you can solve the limited experience problem? Not necessarily.

Most insurance companies will give a premium discount on your policy if you take a defensive driving course. This is one way to compress experience into a smaller time frame. A driving course will provide you with solutions to solve real driving problems that you could face at any time. In a defensive driving course, you get actual hands on experience in a real world setting.

How can my vehicle save me money?

The newer a vehicle is the more it will cost you to insure. The type of vehicle that you have also affects the premium that you pay, an SUV or a sporty vehicle will cost you more than a four door sedan. For a first time driver always look at the insurance rates on vehicles before purchasing one.

The higher your deductible is the lower your monthly premium will be. You must always have the amount of your deductible readily available. You never know when you’ll need the money.

What’s the best insurance coverage for first time drivers?

Because of a first time drivers inexperience, they need more insurance coverage than the required basic amount. You need liability coverage, it pays expenses on injury and vehicle damage that you may have caused. Medical coverage, it covers medical expenses, no matter who caused the accident. Don’t forget uninsured and underinsured motorist coverage, that pays for your injuries in case they don’t have enough insurance.

You should consider these three points before you purchase first time driver insurance, it can save you money every month. Taking a defensive driving course will give you real world experience and a monthly premium discount. The type of vehicle that you drive, and the amount of deductible that you have on it will save you money. As a first time driver, the odds of you having an accident are much greater than normal. A 17 year old driver is five times more likely to get into a major automobile accident that a 35 year old driver (NHTSA). Should you get in an accident without the extra coverages, the cost out of pocket, could be enormous.

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