Friday, March 22, 2019

Popular belief is that the women are less comfortable than men behind the wheels. On the contrary, statistics shows females are safer as car drivers than males. That is the reason why Auto Insurance for Females is cheaper than auto insurance for males. And this common rule is practiced in all states of USA and all the car insurance providers doing business there go by this rule.

This landmark rule of getting cheaper rate of premium on Automobile Insurance for Females was not an easy job. It is given to the females as an award for their consistency in safe driving. As per the recorded road accident cases till date, the percentage of female drivers at fault is remarkably low compared to the male drivers. Car Insurance for Females most often remains unclaimed. And in rare case when they are proven to be at fault often the road accident is of very minor type not involving any loss of life or big injury of the other driver or the passenger of the other car and also with no totaling or big damages on the other drivers’ part. When the accident is severe the injury and property damage is severe too. And the claimed amount of money from the insurance company also goes up in that case because the medical bill for injury and repairing bill for property damage to other are high which the insurer’s company has to pay. But in those accidents where there is no bodily injury and property damage is only some scratch on the body of the other drivers’ car, the claimed insurance amount is low so the insurance company has to pay less. So, the rate is low for Automobile Insurance for Females.

It is also proven that female drivers spend less time on road than male drivers. So the average usage of the car and mileage given by the car is comparatively low for females. Insurance rate goes proportionately with the mileage covered by the car. In that respect too Automobile Insurance for Females deserves lower rate.

Also as driver the females very cautious not to be booked for breaking speed limit or violating any other safety rules. This also helps make Car Insurance for Females cheaper.

Males are advised to add their name as driver in any family member females’ car to earn the benefit of Automobile Insurance for Females.

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